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Any company can claim to be a limousine company (and many do), but what sets Lethbridge Limousine apart from the competition is our service.

Lethbridge Limousine has now reached over 29yrs in service and making a difference to the people of our area of Southern Alberta We do appreciate our valued customers.

At Lethbridge Limousine we not only provide fantastic vehicles, reliable extreme service and professional chauffeurs but we also provide you with a service that goes beyond the standard way of service in the limousine industry in Lethbridge or anywhere in Canada.

Need help in finding a great restaurant for dinner, getting tickets to that special event, or even come up for ideas for your wedding day, Lethbridge Limousine is always ready to help.

Don’t settle for just a glorified taxi service, book Lethbridge Limousine today and find out what our professional extreme limo service is all about.


Weddings * Entertainment Specials * Dinners * Concerts
* Conventions * Graduations
* Airport Service * Calgary Hockey Games
* Picnics in the Park * Scavenger Hunts
* Your Imagination is NOT the Limit!!
* Complete wedding/planning consultant
* Hotel accommodations

Bookings for your world-wide limousine requirements.

Lethbridge Limousine will try to book tickets for special events

Stage West Dinner Theatre
Jubilee Auditorium Performances
Hotel Reservations
Ski trips with accommodations
Other functions

Airport Service

Lethbridge * Calgary * Medicine Hat * Other destinations
Calgary Hockey Games:
Travel in Style!

Lethbridge Limousine will book your tickets based on availability and provide the limousine service for your next Calgary hockey game!


* Free service with every four hour wedding booking, honeymoon suite included* Receive one additional service in Lethbridge (expiry dates will apply) * Customize your own wedding … we do what you want * Service starts at 4 hours & up * Rates from $100.00/hour * Limousines decorated to your colours… free decorations when you purchase a wedding program * Red carpet treatment * Out of town service available * Food and beverages available

The services offered by Lethbridge Limousine are extensive. We realize these pages may seem lengthy, however, we believe it will be worth your while to read them thoroughly. Lethbridge Limousine is exclusive in “negotiated arrangements” NOT packages. It is your wedding or special event, you should get what you require and want. We would welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding this information.