lethbridge limousine

Calgary Trips

Heading to Calgary on Business?

Lethbridge Limousine can help you have a relaxing and safe trip top Calgary and at the same time allow you to get some work done on the way.  Do you need to have a group go to Calgary for a meeting?  Lethbridge Limousine is m
ore affordable than a plane, plus we leave from your office or home and take you to your destination.  Lethbridge limousine can also provide you with a snack or food service on your way to Calgary, or on your way back after a long day of meetings.

Would you like to go to Calgary on a shopping trip or attend a concert or play?

Lethbridge Limousine can take you in style and return you to Lethbridge when you would like.  No schedules like the busses and planes – the only schedule is yours!  Also, Lethbridge limousine is able to provide you with your tickets to any concerts or plays that you would like to attend.

On your way to a Flames or a Stampeders game?

Allow Lethbridge Limousine to book your tickets and get you and your friends to the game on time.  Let us know the game and we will do the rest!    Lethbridge limousine can provide your food and drinks for you to enjoy on your way to the game, or back from the game.