lethbridge limousine


* Male/Female Chauffeurs
* Tuxedoed Chauffeurs
* Problem-Solving Trained Chauffeurs
* Red Carpet Service
* No “Packages”
* All White Limousines, Diversified Fleet
* “Non-smoking” Cars
* Optional Food/Beverages
* 5 Assorted Types of Glassware
* Wedding Decorations
* Specialty Flags
* Lowest Hourly Minimums on Fridays & Saturdays
Plus much, much more …

Lethbridge Limousine was established in 1989, thus having extensive experience. We offer a completely different service from anyone else in North America. We make a very bold statement, our personal guarantee that “We Talk the Talk, and Walk the Walk” and that you are going to receive a higher standard of quality service with Lethbridge Limousine that you will with any other limousine services, whether it’s a service in Lethbridge, Calgary, or California.

While reading these pages, you might want to keep in mind that Lethbridge Limousine is the originator of this completely unique style of service. We also offer a “FREE” service incentive program and encourage you to call for further details.

With our full day service for a wedding program also receive a complementary honeymoon suite at a hotel of your choice based out of Lethbridge.

Our service means that we are a complete wedding planning/event coordinator and consultant. We help you build your program to suit what you want to do.

Exclusive Red Carpet ServiceWe provide the same “red carpet” service to everyone, whether you are Mary Smith or Lieutenant General Cuppens, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, NORAD, who quoted:
“I was pampered from my first encounter to the last. No detail was overlooked. Words like cheerful, attentive, courteous, concerned and professional do not even come close to describing Perry’s service. You have my complete endorsement without reservation. The industry benchmark.”

Qualified Chauffeurs

All chauffeurs (male & female) wear full tuxedos, California style chauffeur hats and black leather gloves, just the way we are meant to be. We physically roll out the Red Carpet when we pick you up and drop you off.

Problem SolvingAs a rule, there is no situation that Lethbridge Limousine cannot handle:
* a hook on a dress does not work
* a contact lens that needs to be cleaned, or
* hair spray, bobby pins, Tums, Tylenol, large umbrellas, etc.
One of our claims to fame that has made us very popular is that we are always prepared for these and other “little disasters”.

Ron Sakamoto, Gold & Gold Productions, and 5 time C.C.M.A. Award Winner quotes:
“The most cooperative limousine service we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Truly, Limousine of the Stars.”


When booking 4 hours of service or more we tastefully decorate our cars free of charge with your wedding colours and names. Our decorating approach is:* white door bows with your choice of colour inserts
* your names are printed in silk ribbon on the boomerang antenna
* at the very back of the limousine we put a double “Just Married” heart that is proportionate to the car
* we accent the inside of our car with strategically placed pom-poms and streamers
* what we put on the car stays on the car, even in Lethbridge winds or highway speeds

Food/BeveragesThere are a few stumbling blocks that we must address and deal with:* Beverages:
o We handle any style of beverage
o We are able to supply all beverages
o We carry 5 different styles of glasses to match the style of beverage being consumed
o As a rule of thumb, and from our experience, we find that you will go through approximately 1 – 750 ml bottle per person or 3 or
4 – 10 oz units per person. With the beverages, you pay only for what you use!

* Food Trays:
o The most commonly heard statement at every wedding is “I’m hungry”. With all the excitement centered around this big day you  either have no time or no desire to eat. Approximately 95 – 98% of all the weddings we have done are going with food trays. The other 3 – 5% are saying the famous last words, “I wish I would have listened to you.” The food trays are 5″ x 9″ and filled with bite size ham, cheese, vegetables. All fruit trays are also available. Each tray feeds 3 – 4 people, with the intent to carry people over, not fill them up!

PicturesPicture taking may become a lengthy and tiresome event. We want to do what we do well, which is service, and keeping everybody in good spirits. We set up:
* Music indoors/outdoors to set the mood and break up the boredom.
* Beverages in ice buckets indoors/outdoors to serve your beverages cold, which is the way they are meant to be.
* Food trays; we do not put “things in a corner’ and tell you to “help yourself”. That is not our style. We want to pour every drink, hand out every food tray, light all cigarettes, etc.

Honeymoon Suite OptionsOne of the most frustrating things at the end of a long evening is to have to register for your room and have a nice place to go to at evenings end. With each booking we will book your honeymoon suite and secure it compliments of Lethbridge Limousine. Romance packages are over and above.It is usually going to be too late for room service and you would have to resort to take-out deliveries. If beverages and/or food are not part of your accommodation package, let us know and we would be more than happy to arrange to have any of these items dropped off:

* beverage of your choice,
* strawberries dipped in chocolate, and/or,
* food/fruit trays

The food trays and strawberries dipped in chocolate will not perish overnight. If kept in a relatively cool environment they will last several days.

Booking Requirements   * Phone are answered 24 hours a day, booking times may be limited to personnel availability (or 8am to 11 pm).
* Limousines are booked at an hourly rate.
* Travel charge for an empty vehicle is approximately half the hourly rate of the car.
* A 50% deposit, up to a maximum of $200.00, is required and applied toward the balance. The deposit is non-refundable if the        service is cancelled.
* Advise of “start time” and “stop time”.
* Rule of thumb – book us as soon as you book the church, approximately 1 year in advance for most days.
* Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis.
No destination is too far for Lethbridge Limousine. If you are willing to pay the bill, we are willing to do the work.

All our prices do not include:

* Gratuities to chauffeurs. In most cases, we do not include gratuities in the bill as we believe our gratuities should be based on the
level of service you receive.

Budget Problems

If working within your budget is an issue, you may want to put us on your bridal registry or help you to set up your own bridal registry. This will allow guests to contribute towards the booking of our limousine service. We will also present you with an elegant 8 1/2 x 11″ diploma style gift certificate as a memento of this special occasion.

Calgary Honeymoon

If required, we do provide service from Lethbridge to the Calgary International Airport. You have the option of putting a lounge or table in the back of the limousine. The lounge allows you to sit in a semi-reclined position as it levels all the bottom seat cushions. We will also provide you with a comforter and pillows. This allows for a more relaxed ride to Calgary or other destinations. You may also want to have beverages or fruit trays, muffins, etc.

Engagements & Anniversaries

   * Outdoor picnics including the picnic basket and everything to enjoy the afternoon (limousine service, meal and beverages all
* Rings delivered on satin pillows.
* Special prices on a special evening with participating restaurants.